Great destinations need great roads.

Our mission is to provide resources for the creation of new roads, improve conditions of existing roads, preserve habitat zones for the threatened Mexican Spotted Owl and encourage community-based forest conservation.

It starts with roads

Why start with roads? Roads take us to great destinations. Without well maintained roads, accessibility to the outdoors goes to zero or becomes unsafe. Old Stage Road in Colorado Springs, CO needs your help. Become a member of our Forest Road Club to help give this historic forest road the makeover it deserves.

Join the ultimate STEM project on the front range.

Do you love engineering and being outside? It takes both to build a mountain road and several forest bridges in a place never been built before. Join us in our partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder in our flagship project.

Nominate a road project

Do you know of a road that needs help or needs to be created? Nominate your road project below and we will take a look and see how The Cronin Mountain Foundation can help make accessibility to another great destination possible.

It’s all about the owls…

We care about wildlife. The Mexican spotted owl, one of the largest owls in North America, is listed as a threatened species by both the U.S. and Mexican governments. One of their critical habitat zones is the Cheyenne mountain range in Colorado Springs, CO. Join us in our community-based forest conservation efforts to help preserve and protect our precious feathered friends.

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